Monday, January 10, 2011


This is the season for clementines!  I love them and can't stop eating them.  My mother loves collecting the peels and drying them to use in soups and candy them.  These peels drying by the window sill are perfectly shaped because my mom insists on scoring and peeling a certain way.  I am so happy she does this because it creates these pretty flower shapes.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Art supplies are stored all over the place around my house.  Since the space is small, I put things wherever I find a spot.  Needless to say that I can never find anything.  As I was searching frantically for nibs to practice my calligraphy I found these old stamps I instead.  Was I able to practice my calligraphy? no, but I was able to test out these old stamps!  I almost forgot about these guys, I better carve more...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I was sifting through some picture files, I came across this special project that was commissioned by my friend KC.  She wanted to give a personalize gift to her dear mom for her bday last year.  I gathered as much info from KC as I could and went at it.  I remember my fingers were sore for a few days since I had to hide the stitching on the exterior and the only way I can think of is to stitch it by hand.  Man was it painful, but it was well worth it.  KC's mom liked it... yay!

jet blue

As I sit on the train and let my mind wander as it usually does my eyes were caught on ad.  Usually ads on the train don't really call out to me but this ad caught my attention and it made me sit there for the remaining of my ride home (my ride is about an hr long) analyzing the ad.  The textile designer in me made me call out the amount of colors used before anything then off to the type and then the message.  "you above all" I am sure they are referring to their customer service and literally you above all while on the plane but I like to over analyze things (clearly I had a good amount of time at hand and apply everything to myself... self absorbed maybe) and twisting them a bit.  So I thought, hm... I better start straightening my life out, prioritizing my loved ones which I tend to take for granted.  Set realistic goals and just doing it damn it, see what I mean by twisting the message.